Keep Opossums Out of Home

How to get opossums out from inside a wall

If you have heard a scratching sound through the walls and you think that there is an animal stuck there, what will you do? It will be best to handle this problem right away. Don’t wait for the animal to get stuck there and die, your problem will be worse if the animal will die and rot in the wall.  Most of the animals, particularly possums are good at climbing, but of course, there may be instances that made them stuck in the wall. You must do something to be of help to them. As a whole, if there is a scratching sound in the wall you must know through some important information. You must ask yourself if the animals are stuck in the wall and why are they there? Is there a need to cut some holes to be able to open the wall? They can move up or down? Are you capable of handling them or do you need to hire a professional animal remover company?

There is an instance wherein a homeowner came into the house and heard a scratching sound in the wall. It lasted for more than a week and then the animal just died and the scratching sound stopped after a while. The animal, possibly dies of tiredness, hunger and dehydration. The body started to rot and the odor just went on so bad that the owner would like to just sell the house and not live in it anymore until he finally decided to get into the problem and look for a solution. Upon reaching the house, the owner just smelled the odor as if it was the end of the world for him. He searched through the attic and then he followed the smell. This is the right thing to do and he got it right.

But what to do if there was no space to check if there is an animal and where the animal is at the moment. If the animal is still alive, you can use the snare to get it, but what if it is dead and the snare pole cannot help at all. You can cut the wall to get the animal. But what if the mom possum is dead and there are still babies in there that are alive? What should you do? Well, you can remove the babies to enable them to get some fresh air. Remove the dead mom and then disinfect the area or deodorize it if it will work. But the experts use a certain kind of material for disinfecting the area. You may ask an expert on how to disinfect an area, since you need to take the babies to the animal bureau or to a rehabber for proper care.